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For through this ‘Emmanuel knot of union,’ as one has quaintly called it, those great facts of the Christian life, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and redemption, are drawn up from the realm of the human and the impossible, and made fast to Him with whom ‘all things are possible.’ So that the question now becomes reversed, and we must ask, ‘How can it be otherwise?’ If one is in Christ, he must have regeneration; for how can the Head be alive and the members dead? If one is in Christ, he must be justified; for how can God approve the head, and condemn the members? If one is in Christ, he must have sanctification; for how can the spotlessly Holy remain in vital connection with one that is unholy? If one is in Christ, he must have redemption; for how can the Son of God be in glory, while that which He has made a part of his body lies abandoned in the grave of eternal death?
Edward Arthur Litton, as quoted by A.J. Gordon, In Christ, p. 1, via Kurt Miller
Continuing Work

After the work of salvation and redemption comes the work of sanctification. Sanctification is the purifying of the believer, who God has made holy and blameless before his eyes.

A warning, though: This work of sanctification cannot be accomplished on one’s own, and i mean this on two accounts. The first is the brotherhood we have as Christians. We are meant to encourage and correct each other in Christ, taking no offense and working always in love. The second is the relationship with God Himself. Oftentimes, we can lose our way or forget where we came from, and we seek self-betterment without paying attention to the Holy Spirit. The end result of such a guideless path is nothing but pride and emptiness, exchanging like the Ephesians the life of Christ for the death of the Law.

So make relationships with other believers who will hold you accountable, and don’t quarrel with them. Do not, however, accept that as the end; pursue a real and intimate relationship with God who loves you always. Read Scripture and pray, and never separate the two.

Be blessed, my friends.

If i weren’t on my phone i’d add references from Scripture (like Paul said, test everything against Scripture, and don’t just assume that i or anyone else knows everything, and i’d cite that too, but again with the phone). What i had in mind were Paul’s epistles and the Gospels. Corinthians, Ephesians, Galatians, and Matthew, mainly.